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Tranquil Mountain Retreat in Qingjing, Nantou | 南投清境北歐風情之旅

Within a month after our Nantou Roadtrip Episode went live, we organized an extraordinary and exclusive VIP event in Qingjing, Nantou, taking 35 guests back to where our filming took place for a tranquil mountain retreat.

Throwback to the experience in Nantou, upon arrival, we prepared a small handcrafted gift from the indigenous Seediq tribe for every guest, to store their welcome card and every piece of memory from the trip. It was just a tiny gesture, but it brought the guests closer to the nature and culture of the region, and something that they would cherish and, in the meantime, support the local craftsmen.

For us, the trip is not a pit stop but a connection to a bigger picture of society. From the Nordic style manor, shepherd life in the farmland, to the mountain hike to the peak, we wanted to recreate the experience we designed for our film and have our guests enjoy the most authentic journey. That's why our trips are always memorable to ourselves and many others.




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